These guys blow stuff up… big stuff, really big stuff!  American Wrecking is a company that specializes in full service commercial, industrial and residential demolition & recycling. To many designers, this would be a project they would turn their noise up at - but not me! I loved being faced with the challenge of a non glamorous subject, not the most fantastic images and having to find a way to present this material in a creative and modern way. The desing approach would have to appeal to a potential client base that could be everything from Fortune 500 companies to local residents with demo needs. 
A fresh feel was created for both print and web by using images large in scale and in black and white to make them feel more timeless. Overlaying clean and modern type treatments did wonders for freshing up the images. Introducing a graphic language of arrows, distressed textures and limited colors gave the program a very strong identity and edgy feel. 
Site programming was done by my friends over at 5D Spectrum. Project included web design, correspondence materials, brochure and a custom folder design to house all the company client & pitch presentation materials. please visit
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