This project, done in conjunction with Ripbang Studio in CA., was to create deliverables that would be used within a pitch presentation for signing on large corporate partnerships for the Downtown District Detroit development - specifically, Redwings Arena.
Capturing the mood and tone of Detroit was a complex task. This is a quickly evolving area filled with a rich, but troubled history. Striking a balance that was honest about Detroit’s past while creating messages that could entice and move large corporate sponsors to commit to the Districts real-estate developments was tricky.
In addition to creating messaging to be used in the context of the pitch presentation, the goal was to also be simultaneously building a visual brand style that could be utilized as part of the graphic system for interior sections of Redwings Arena. Basically, these pitch inserts could function as large scale graphics to be strung together, or used as a stand alone, to form the visual you would see within the stadium breezeways.
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