Projects do not get much more fun than this one! When JD Bender contacted me to say he was making a record and would I consider taking on the project, all I could say was "Hell Yes!".  If you are lucky enough to meet and see JD play you will 100% get how spot on this packaging is. JD is hilarious and when I came up with the idea of spoofing country music LPs form the 60's he went all in for it. JD gave me total control and freedom… of every thing…from wardrobe styling, photo direction, down to the naming of the release!!! We had a blast creating this and more and more merchandise and tour support items are in the works.  I love working with JD… I'm just not sure how much of it my liver can take! The line "Honky Tonk tunes for the drunk and untrustworthy" is not there just on the package for "show", people!
I utilized one of my custom template sites I developed for the "music folks" and this provided a good fit for JD. With this custom template the artist has total editing & updating control, with key features: streaming music, video, tour date management and a shopping section. Toss in just about every link to social media and you have one heck of a powerhouse of a web site.
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